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Mike smith toe arthritis management

Big toe arthritis (1st MTP joint) – What is new on the horizon!

Big toe arthritis is a common condition that typically affects the 1st metatarsophalangeal (MTP) joint. This frequently leads to pain and swelling in this area, and difficulty ‘pushing off’ when mobilising. Many women find it unmanageable to wear high heels due to limited motion of that joint. Thankfully, a new technique has recently become available in Australia.

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keyhole bunion surgery adelaide

Why Bunion surgery is not what it used to be. How far we have come?

While I perform all aspects of foot and ankle surgery, one of the most common conditions that I manage is bunions.  Patients present with bunion deformities for several reasons. These range from cosmetic concerns, difficulty with footwear, pain under the ball of their foot, or pain over the bunion itself. I commonly get asked about patient’s comfort levels following the keyhole technique I use, so I hope you find the below article helpful.

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