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how to choose the best knee surgeon in adelaide

Knee Replacement Surgeons in Adelaide – How to choose

There are close to 60,000 knee replacements performed in Australia every year. This is a commonly performed operation and there are many knee replacement surgeons in Adelaide. Whether it has been your GP who has recommended that you consider a knee replacement, or you have known that your knee has been heading in this direction for quite some time, your next decision is deciding which surgeon you visit for your knee replacement.

Here are some tips for helping you decide who to see amongst the knee replacement surgeons in Adelaide.

Word of Mouth

If you have had a friend or colleague that has had the same procedure performed, it makes sense for you to ask them about their own experiences. Not only will you gain further insight into what a knee replacement entails from a patients perspective, but you will also gain valuable feedback about the Surgeon that performed the procedure. While your friend may not be able to comment about the specific technical abilities of the Surgeon, they will certainly be able to inform you of their personal interactions, friendliness, professionalism, and empathy during the postoperative period.

To be able to provide the highest level of postoperative care and analgesia, it is critically important that the Surgeon and their Anaesthetist work closely together to discuss your individual requirements and comfort levels.

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Your local GP

Your local GP is a great contact to be able to help advise you on some of the available options. The GP has likely built a trusting relationship with some select surgeons, and will be able to help inform you from their own interactions with the surgeons. GPs are in a unique position to bear witness to patients that have had knee replacements from various surgeons. Over the years GPs gain a good understanding of the level of care that Surgeons are providing and the outcomes that are being achieved.

Some GPs also assist Orthopaedic surgeons from time to time, and may have a first hand experience of the technical abilities of the surgeon.

Your physiotherapist

In a similar fashion to GPs, physiotherapists are also in a unique position. Following a knee replacement, patients undertake a dedicated physiotherapy program aimed at restoring their muscle strength, range of movement, and normal gait. Physiotherapists are often able to directly compare the results that patients are achieving following the procedure. Also, patients often open up to their physiotherapist about their interactions with their surgeon.

Online reviews

There is a growing trend towards online forum based reviews of surgeons. This can certainly be a great resource for people to hear about other’s experiences with a particular surgeon. Like most review sites, the greater the number of reviews posted, the higher the likelihood that this represents an accurate description of the experience.

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Hospital facilities

Knee replacement surgeons in Adelaide operate out of many different hospitals. While knee replacements are certainly performed in public hospitals throughout Adelaide, the majority of knee replacements are performed in private hospitals. Ask your Surgeon which hospitals they operate at and ensure that this location is both convenient and has the available resources that you require for your procedure and followup care.

As you can see, there are certainly many available aids in deciding which surgeon to visit for your knee replacement.

Dr. Mike Smith performs his knee replacements using both custom made patient specific guides, and computer navigation for accurate implant positioning.

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