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Key Hole Plantar Fascia Surgery

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment– Relevant Anatomy

The Plantar fascia is a thick broad fibrous band that supports the arch of the foot. It runs from the calcaneus (heel bone) to the toes, and has an important function during weight bearing and ambulation.

plantar fasciitis treatment adelaide mike smith

Plantar Fasciitis Treatment – Keyhole Day Procedure

Dr. Smith performs minimally invasive keyhole plantar fascia release surgery through two 3-4mm incisions. This technique of plantar fasciitis treatment allows direct visualisation of the thickened plantar fascia through the use of a specialised camera, and minimises soft tissue trauma and scarring.

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What happens on the day of the procedure?

This keyhole technique is easily performed as a day procedure, where the patient is able to go home the same day.

On the day of the procedure you will arrive at the hospital 1-2 hours prior to the procedure, to meet the team. The anaesthetists will discuss the role of a nerve block to provide comfort following the procedure.

The procedure itself involves making 2 x tiny incisions along the border of the sole of the foot. One on the medial (inside), and one on the lateral (outer) side.

One of these portals is used for the passage of a tiny camera that allows direct visualisation of the thickened plantar fascia. Via the other portal, a specialised instrument is introduced to release the tight and thickened plantar fascia. The camera allows direct confirmation of a successful release, with the separation of fibres seen.

Plantar fascia released via keyhole dr mike smith orthopaedic surgeon adelaide plantar fasciitis           dr mike smith orthopaedic surgeon adelaide plantar fasciitis treatment keyhole plantar fascia release surgery

A bandage is applied at the end of the procedure.

You can return home the same day with advice to keep your leg elevated as much as possible for the first few days following the procedure. Supportive footwear is recommended following the procedure.

Dr. Smith will review you again in clinic in 2 weeks time.

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