Orthopaedic Surgeon | Foot, Ankle, & Knee Specialist

  Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm
      (08) 7099 0188


How do I prepare for my upcoming procedure

Prior to your procedure, you will be provided with the relevant information for what time you need to arrive at the hospital. Your “Fasting” time will be provided to you, ensuring that you don’t have any food or fluids after this point in time.

Please bring your relevant imaging (i.e Xrays, CT scan, MRI, or US)  with you on the day of the procedure.

If you are having surgery on your foot or ankle, we encourage you to thoroughly clean this area the night prior to your procedure. An anti-septic scrub or soap is suggested. Trimming of any excessively long toe nails is also beneficial. These steps are aimed at reducing the risk of infection.


Using minimally invasive techniques and key hole surgery where appropriate, Dr. Smith is able to perform a substantial portion of his procedures as a day case. In this situation, it is important that you have arranged a family member or friend to be able to pick you up following your procedure.


If you are having a more involved procedure, such as a total knee replacement, then please bring your regular medications with you for your hospital stay.

I would like to speak to Dr. Smith regarding a patient

Dr. Smith understands the importance of being available to provide advice on both new patients, and on any previous or current patient of his.

Please contact Dr. Smith’s rooms to obtain his direct mobile number. Dr. Smith is always happy to be contacted for advice regarding a patient.

I would like to meet Dr. Smith in person

Dr. Smith values the importance of collaboration and establishing a multi disciplinary approach to patient care. If any health care provider (GPs, Sports Physicians, Podiatrists, Physios) would like to meet Dr. Smith, then please contact his rooms directly to arrange a meeting at a convenient time and location.

Does Dr. Smith have reduced rates for concession card holders and pensioners?

Dr. Smith provides reduced consult rates for patients holding concession cards and pensioners. Please contact 7099 0188 for these.

How soon can Dr. Smith see my patient?

Dr. Smith understands the importance of being available for new patients. Dr. Smith and his team make it a priority to review new patients within one week of their referral.

If you have have an urgent referral, then please contact Dr. Smith’s rooms to obtain his direct mobile number for discussion.

How much will surgery cost?

The cost of any procedure is based on a number of factors. Primarily it is based on your whether you have private health insurance, or are covered via work cover or 3rd part insurance. Depending on your level of cover, the procedure may not attract any additional surgical fees. An out of pocket expense may also be required – please contact Dr. Smith’s rooms for further information.

If you do not have private health insurance, you are still able to undergo a consultation with Dr. Smith, and if a procedure is required, then a quote can be generated prior to any commitment.

How can i refer a patient to Dr. Smith?

Dr. Smith consults privately. Dr. Smith is happy to review Privately insured patients, Work cover patients, 3rd party insurance, and public patients.


A referral letter is required for all patients. The 3 methods to refer a patient to Dr. Smith are:


  1. Request that the patient contacts Dr. Smith’s rooms to arrange an appointment
  2. Fax through a referral,  and the patient will be contacted to arrange a suitable time for a consult
  3. Fill in the secure online referral form. This automatically generates a PDF that is collected by Dr. Smith. A member of Dr. Smith’s team will contact your patient to arrange a convenient time for an appointment


Dr. Smith is also available in the public sector through Northern Adelaide Local Health Network, at Modbury public Hospital, and the Lyall McEwin Hospital. Please direct your referrals through to the relevant Hospital Orthopaedic out patients to be seen in these facilities.

What happens at my Initial Consultation?

All patients attending Dr. Smith’s rooms should bring their Medicare and Private Health fund cards. If you are involved in a work-cover or 3rd party situation, then any relevant documentation should also be brought to the appointment.

All relevant imaging (i.e Xrays, CT scan, MRI, or US) that you have had of the affected area should also be brought in with you, for Dr. Smith to review.

At your initial consult, Dr. Smith will take a thorough history of your presenting issue. A detailed examination will be performed to determine your diagnosis and best management course.

How soon can I get a consultation?

Dr. Smith understands the importance of being available for new patients.

Dr. Smith and his team make it a priority to review new patients within one week of your referral.

If you require an urgent review, please ask you health care provider to contact Dr. Smith’s rooms directly, and they will provide them with his direct mobile contact number.